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Which Are The Most Popular Cities In The 770 Area Code

ByJohn Amelia

Dec 23, 2021
Which Are The Most Popular Cities In The 770 Area Code

The 770 area code is one of the largest in Georgia, with more than 1.7 million people. The most populous cities in the 770 area code include Atlanta, Marietta, Jonesboro, Gainesville, Stone Mountain, and Carrollton. Which Are The Most Popular Cities In The 770 Area Code Some other smaller cities in the 7770 area code include Conyers, Austell, and Adairsville.

When The 770 Area Code Was Created?

The 770 area code was created in the 1950s as a long-term solution to the number shortage in North Georgia. The area-code 706 included the fast-growing Atlanta exurbs. But residents of these communities were not happy to be associated with area-code 404. So BellSouth decided to switch these areas back to 404. During the 1990s, this was a good move, but the proliferation of cell phones forced the split in the suburban Atlanta area code.

Another area code is 770. Its coverage area covers the Georgia metropolitan area. The 770 area code is located in Marietta, GA. This area is home to the Six Flags White Water theme park. It is popular with locals and tourists. The 7770 area code is also used by the 404 and 678 phone companies. The 877 area code is the third most commonly used code in the southeastern United States.

Which Area Belongs To The 770 Area Code?

Located in the state of Georgia, area code 770 is a part of the North American Numbering Plan. It serves 29 counties in the North Georgia region, including most of the Atlanta suburbs. This code was created in 1995 when area code 404 was split. It now serves the counties of Barrow, Paulding, and other surrounding counties. In addition, the 7770 area code covers the cities of Atlanta.

The 770 area code was initially assigned to landlines and cellphones. This split was done in 1995, and the 470 was retained by most landline subscribers. However, most cell phone users stayed with the 404 area code and transferred to 7770. The 770 area code is now used primarily by subscribers of landline phones. There are some differences between the 777 and 470 codes, but in general, the two are quite similar.

Facts Of The 770 Area Code:

Listed below are some interesting facts about the 770 area code. It is a highly-connected city with many attractions and amenities. A popular day trip destination is the Six Flags White Water theme park, which is just south of Marietta. You can also try a different kind of barbecue at Williamson Brothers Bar-B-Q in Marietta. For something more adventurous, visit the Mud Creek Ranch in nearby Clayton. There, you’ll find the perfect barbecue dish for any age.

Does The 770 Area Code Serve The Area Outside Of Metro Atlanta?

The 770 area code serves a number of counties outside of Metro Atlanta. Cell phone subscribers in the 770 area code’s surrounding cities will have a different area code. During the migration process, landline subscribers in the 470 area code will switch to a different area-code-style phone. These new phones have different numbers and aren’t always available in areas outside of Atlanta. You’ll need to find out what the coding structure of the 470 is to use for your cell phone.

In Which Time Zone Is The 770 Area Code Located?

The 770 area code is a part of the North American Numbering Plan (NANP). It is located in the Eastern time zone and is referred to as the America/New York time zone. The 770 area code covers the entire state of Georgia. This area is in the Eastern time zone, which is 5 hours behind Coordinated Universal Time. If you are in the Atlanta metropolitan area, the 77770 area code will be used for local calls.

The 770 area code serves the suburbs of Atlanta, GA, and is surrounded by the 404 area code. It overlaps with area codes 214, 678, and 660. The 77770 area code is the same as the 470 area code, but it’s different from the other three. If you’re in the 770 area code, make sure you dial all ten numbers in order to avoid any missed calls.

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