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Which Areas Covered By 985 Area Code

ByJohn Amelia

Feb 16, 2022
Which Areas Covered By 985 Area Code

The 985 area code is a telephone area code that covers southeastern Louisiana, excluding the inner ring of New Orleans. This phone number was introduced in 2001, and it covers the cities of Houma, Slidell, and Hammond. It is part of the North American Numbering Plan (NANP), which is used in the United States, Canada, and some Caribbean nations. Which Areas Covered By 985 Area Code There are 44 cities and towns that have this area code, and the number 985 is assigned to these areas.

Which Areas Covered By The 985 Area Code?

The 985 area code covers southeastern Louisiana, including the inner ring of New Orleans. The phone number was first assigned to a single phone number on September 13, 2000, and entered service on February 12, 2001. The area code is a General Purpose Code (GPC), and its dialing pattern is 7D, which is used for local calls within the same NPA. This area-code range is also home to the city of Covington, Louisiana.

From Which Old Area Code The 985 Area Code Came?

The 985 area code is the highest-numbering under the current system. It split from the old 504 area code in 2001. The area code 517 had served the eastern lower peninsula and southeast for 54 years but was never split. This new area code covers the entire state, from Lake Pontchartrain to the Grand Canal.

When Did The 985 Area Code Create?

The 985 area code was created in 2001 and serves southeastern Louisiana, excluding the inner ring of New Orleans. The phone number was formerly the area code 504, but it was separated from it in 2007. The nine-digit area code is the highest in the NANP (National Association of Numbering Plan) and the largest under the current system. Its creation made it possible for it to become a part of the state’s telecommunications system.

What Is The Population Of The 985 Area Code?

The 985 area code has a population of 299,739 people. The 985 area code covers the town of Slidell, which has a population of 87,067. It is the tenth-largest city in Louisiana, with the largest company being POOLCORP. It has approximately 3400 employees in its three locations worldwide. The 30th-largest company in the state is Energy Service Holdings, which provides electrical services to the energy infrastructure industry.

The 985 area code covers almost two million people and ninety-seven thousand homes in the state of Louisiana. The largest city in the 985 area code is Slidell, with a population of 87,067. Intelius is an excellent reverse-phone lookup service that will give you an extensive report about a phone’s owner. In addition to current and past addresses, the service will also provide names of relatives, ages, and more.

How Many Phone Numbers Are Covered In The 985 Area Code?

There are over 299,739 phone numbers in the 985 area code. The largest city in this area-code in Slidell, with a population of 87,067. The 985 area code includes several other cities. For example, the nine-digit area code covers the towns of New Orleans and Alexandria. The smallest city is Baton Rouge, but the surrounding metropolitan area has a number of small towns.

Initially, the 985 area code was intended to be an overlay for the 310 regions. It was originally scheduled to start operating in late 1995 and expand to a region that included the southern and eastern areas of the state. In addition, the code’s southern and eastern parts cover the entire Santa Catalina Island. The north and east parts of 310 were assigned this number, which has some unique characteristics. However, it is still a largely unorganized phone numbering area.

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