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Which Medium Experiences the Least Amount of Gatekeeping

ByJohn Amelia

Mar 21, 2022
Which Medium Experiences the Least Amount of Gatekeeping

There is an increasing need to address the question of which medium experiences the least amount of gatekeeping. This problem has plagued mass communication for decades. The most fundamental question is: what is a gatekeeper? This is the process of vetting and filtering information and ensuring that the content is not filtered or misinterpreted. Media outlets have the responsibility to protect their audiences by preventing falsehoods and deceptions.


The Gatekeeper is the person in charge of filtering information. In any media, there are many gatekeepers who decide what we see and hear. In a traditional mass communication setting, the gatekeeper is usually the housewife, though in more affluent households the maid is in charge. Only the wife weighs equally in the decision to buy food. Lewin’s 1947 article introduced the idea of feedback in group decision-making. This feedback acknowledges that the gatekeeper has different considerations for different groups.

What Is Gatekeeping?

The term refers to the process of re-interpreting complex messages into more meaningful ones. In the case of the health care bill, the media has been blamed for not properly educating the public about the bill. It is difficult to comprehend legislation and policy language. The average person might not have the time to understand all of the details. Often, the gatekeepers will re-interpret the content to make it more understandable for readers.

What Is The Purpose Of Gatekeeping?

Gatekeeping also applies to user-created content. Many bloggers require the approval of a moderator before comments are posted, and some simply disable comments altogether. The process of gatekeeping has become so prevalent in the news that many users are beginning to consider the media as a government watchdog. The concept of gatekeeping is not new. It has been around for many years. As the fourth estate of government, the media plays a very important role.

The concept of gatekeeping is widely used in various fields of study. It first originated as a theory that addressed the problem of mass media, but now it also extends to face-to-face communications and the many-to-many dynamic of the internet. By examining the differences between mass media and social policies, we can identify the level of gatekeeping and its effects on media. If gatekeepers are present in a media, then it is the audience that chooses the most relevant information.

Goode’s work has shed light on how media sources can influence public perceptions and their behavior. In the past, journalists have acted in a gatekeeping capacity to ensure that only authentic sources are reported. In the current digital age, this is no longer the case. It is possible for journalists to report a story that has not been independently verified. A journalist has the responsibility to check the source of information.

How Does Traditional Journalism Use Gatekeeping?

Gatekeeping is a part of traditional journalism. In a traditional newspaper, editors and reporters seek to meet the needs of their audience by identifying and reporting the news. Hence, their role is to create a “zone” of their own by identifying the most relevant data and vetting authentic sources. This requires the publication of credible information. In the digital world, a journalist may need to rely on several people, and this can lead to unauthenticated reporting.

Gatekeeping is a process of filtering and censoring information. The gatekeeper does not want to share information with other stakeholders. They block communication, and they keep the information that they receive to themselves. In other words, the Gatekeeper is the only person who has access to the content of an object. A product owner has the ability to filter and control the process of development. It is a vetting process for information, and the only way to prevent this is by not sharing any personal data.

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