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Which Office Furniture Manufacturer Should You Choose?

ByJohn Amelia

Oct 13, 2022
Which Office Furniture Manufacturer Should You Choose?

When you need to buy office furniture for your company, you have many options. HBF, Herman Miller, Innovant, Sandler Seating, and UB are just a few of the companies offering these products. These manufacturers have an impressive history and strong foundations. Many of their products are made in Muscatine, Iowa, where the company was founded.

Herman Miller:

The Herman Miller office furniture manufacturer had seen better days. But the recession hit the commercial real estate market in the early 1990s, and sales began to fall. The company had to cut costs and close a few plants. By 1995, it was down to only about 200 white-collar employees. In May of that year, the board forced Campbell to step down. New management was appointed, and Brian Walker was named president.

De Pree hired a talented New York designer named Gilbert Rohde to help him change course. The result was the Executive Office Group series, which included 137 modular pieces. In addition to this, De Pree hired George Nelson as the company’s first design director. He was known for his Nelson platform bench. George Nelson also helped develop the first furniture catalog.

While you may be aware of the Herman Miller name, you may not have heard of the company. It was founded in 1923 as a furniture manufacturer. The company began as a family business in Zeeland, Michigan. De Pree’s father-in-law had a similar company. The company’s success stemmed from its ability to adapt to change. The company has undergone several major transformations throughout the years.

Sandler Seating:

Sandler Seating, Inc., is a privately held company with 13 employees. The company is a Rising Star, which means that its revenue growth is higher than the industry average. Its design philosophy is based on personal responsibility, environmental responsibility, and making items that are durable. The company focuses on organic materials, and designs its products in a way that is in tune with their natural bending.

In 1989, Sandler Seating started distributing Italian-designed contract furniture, and has since become a major player in the UK contract furniture market. In the US, the company set up a sister company in Atlanta, Georgia, to serve the contract furniture market in that country. It maintains customer service offices in both Atlanta and a 50,000-square-foot warehouse in North Carolina.

The company has a wide variety of seating products. Its Inclass collection features the iconic Aryn armchair, which has a fresh contemporary design and is suitable for both commercial and private settings. It also offers the Inspec division, which offers Scandinavian-styled furniture for the corporate market. Recently, Sandler Seating introduced the [email protected] chair, which is made from a thin, flexible material.


Innovant is one of the leading office furniture manufacturers with a global footprint. They specialize in intelligent adaptable designs that enhance the working environment. They have a flagship showroom in New York, and they also maintain a network of showrooms and offices throughout the world. Their extensive product range includes conference and private office solutions as well as a wide range of workstations.

Innovate-minded design is increasingly important in the office furniture industry. Manufacturers are striving to produce more eco-friendly and energy-efficient office furniture. For example, Herman Miller introduced its new Zeph Chair in July 2022, which is an easy-to-adjust, slim-profile chair inspired by the Eames designs. The company produces most of its products in China and India.

Sandler Seating was founded in 1982 as a spinoff of Sandler Upholsterers. Its roots are in upholstery craftsmanship, and it has a long history of delivering quality products. The company has head offices in Atlanta and London and over 80 independent sales representatives across the U.S. Allsteel is another award-winning office furniture manufacturer that offers seating, office systems, tables, collaborative workplace furnishings, and textiles and finishes. They have also expanded into architectural walls.


If you’re looking for an office furniture manufacturer that will help you find affordable, stylish pieces, consider UB Office Systems. This Taiwanese company manufactures a full range of office equipment and furniture. With a global presence, UB has the ability to reach a market worth over $500 million a year.

While Aurora and UB are the top office furniture manufacturers in Taiwan, UB is a new name in the Chinese mainland. While both companies are based in Taiwan, UB entered the mainland market slightly later than Aurora. UB’s furniture has a similar feel and quality, but it lacks Aurora’s aggressive marketing methods and performance in mainland China.

UB Office Systems Inc., located in Joto-ku, Osaka City, is expanding its operations to China. It has announced its intention to acquire a medium-sized Chinese chair manufacturer, Shanghai Allbest Furniture Co., Ltd. The merger will broaden UB’s product range and expand its presence in Asia. UB will continue to operate its Taiwan headquarters, and the newly acquired company will become a majority-owned subsidiary of the company.


The JSJ office furniture manufacturer has announced a major change: it will no longer produce its own products. This change comes just two months before the annual Neocon office furniture trade show, where izzy+ had planned to have a showroom. Many manufacturers are repurposing their resources to focus on their core competencies. For example, Shape Corp. sold its stamping business to Ridgeview Industries and will now focus on lightweight automotive components. This practice is likely to continue as manufacturers evaluate and re-align their operations to meet the needs of their customers.

JSJ Corporation is a global holding company that designs and manufactures a wide range of durable goods. Its product lines include products for the commercial, industrial and automotive markets. It also produces paper products and conveyor belts. The company has headquarters in the United States, China, Japan, and Mexico. In addition to its furniture and engineering products, JSJ also provides support for employees through various community service initiatives.

JSJ was originally known as Grand Haven Brass Foundry, and was started in 1919 by Paul Johnson and Alvin Jacobson. However, a fire destroyed that factory, so they decided to rebuild. They eventually partnered with B.P. Sherwood, who owned a Grand Haven bank and used his connections to form a partnership with a fellow company. This resulted in the current name, JSJ. Nelson Jacobson, the CEO of the company, said the company’s history shows it has thrived despite adversity.


ONLEAD Office Furniture is one of the leading brands in the Chinese office furniture industry. With a production base in Nanjing, Jiangsu Province, the company produces a variety of high-quality solid wood, board, and steel products for offices. Currently, the company has branches in over 50 major and medium-sized cities around China, and its products are used in companies in the financial, real estate, and IT sectors.

Foshan Onlead Group is one of China’s largest office furniture manufacturers with factories in Guangzhou, Beijing, Shanghai, and Dubai. The company specializes in high-end office furniture and is a major supplier to Fortune 500 companies. In addition to manufacturing office furniture, Onlead also produces carpets and kitchen cabinets and sells its products through a distribution network in more than fifty countries.

The company offers high-end solid wood office furniture, soft sofas, and mattresses. It also specializes in custom-made all-in-one cabinets for offices and hotels. Its quality-control standards are among the highest in the world, making it a reliable partner for international companies.


As the world’s premier office furniture manufacturer, Kimball Office is committed to sustainable practices and the protection of the environment. This commitment is reflected in the high-quality, environmentally friendly products and services it offers. In fact, each of its products is certified level 2 or 3 by the ANSI/BIFMA e3 Furniture Sustainability Standard.

Kimball also manufactures speaker cabinets, television cabinets, and furniture for other companies. It has a reputation for quality, speed, value, and ethical behavior. These values help to build success for customers and share that success with employees. The company has two main divisions, Furniture and Electronic Manufacturing Services, and produces a broad range of furniture for the hospitality and office markets.

Kimball Office has been in the business of office furniture for 40 years. It has locations in Jasper, Indiana, and Post Falls, Idaho. It produces wood and metal office furniture. The company’s reputation for quality led to a range of innovative products. It has received awards for its ergonomic office chairs, desks, and other products.

Kimball Office has responded to the demand for environmentally friendly products by building according to LEED standards, participating in government and industry sustainability programs, and offering sustainability training. It also designs its products using the Design for the Environment protocol. In addition, the company has implemented Forest Stewardship Council certification and has developed sustainability strategies throughout its supply chain.

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