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Which State Served By 956 Area Code

ByJohn Amelia

Dec 30, 2021
Which State Served By 956 Area Code

The 956 area code is a telephone area code in the state of Texas, which covers Laredo, Brownsville, Laredo, and South Padre Island. It was created in 1997 after splitting off the 210 area code. Which State Served By 956 Area Code Its coverage area is also vast, including Cameron, Hidalgo, and Webb counties. This region is bordered by the Rio Grande River, the Tamaulipas state of Mexico, and San Benito, Delmita, and Rio Grande City.

In Which Area 956 Area Code Located?

The 956 area code is located in southern Texas, covering the cities of Brownsville, McAllen, Edinburg, Mission, and Laredo. It is part of the Central time zone, or America/Chicago, and uses the 7D dialing pattern. The current time in this area code is 9:59 AM on December 28, 2021. This means that calling a 956 phone number will have the same caller ID as a phone number in another part of the country.

How Many Phone Numbers Covered By 956 Area Code?

The 956 area code has 371,158 phone numbers. The largest city within the code is Laredo, which has a population of 257,000. Intelius offers a reverse phone lookup search, and the report will give you a variety of data on the phone’s owner, including their name, current, and past addresses, and even relatives. The results will provide you with the location of the person, their age, and more.

In Which Time Zone 956 Area Code Exit?

The 956 area code is in the Central Daylight Time Zone. It follows the same clock as the 210 area code. The current time in CDT is at 9:59 AM on December 28. The same applies to the 900 area code. Therefore, if you’re planning on making international calls from this area, you should check out Nextiva’s service. Its service is easy to use, and the setup process is simple.

Where The Three-Digit Located?

In the 956 area code, it’s important to note that the state of Texas is the most populous state in the country. The nine-digit area code is associated with El Paso, Texas. The city is home to several call centers and government operations. In addition to the call center industry, El Paso is also the home of the Medical Center of the Americas, which is the only health care provider in West Texas.

The 956 area code is associated with the state of Texas and 48 U.S. ZIP Codes. Its number prefix is a two-digit code for a city or ZIP code in Texas. A three-digit area code is associated with the state of Texas. A ten-digit number is a standard 10-digit phone number. This area code is associated with many phone companies in the region. In addition to these, there are also several 800 NXX’s in the 956 area code.

Name The Cities Served By The 956 Area Code?

The 956 area code covers a large portion of the state of Texas, including Brownsville, McAllen, and Biggs Army Airfield. Additionally, the 956 area code also serves the cities of Edinburg, Mission, and South Padre Island. Despite its large size, the 956 is still an important part of the country, and it serves the needs of over 41,000 people. If you’re looking to make a phone call from the 956 area code, it’s important to take action during the permissive period.

What Is The Telephone Area Code Of The 956 Area Code?

In the state of Texas, the 956 area code is a telephone area code. The ninety-six area code is the same as the seven-digit El Paso area code. The only difference is the location of the city. Those living in the San Antonio, TX area will have 915, while residents in the city of McAllen and Biggs will have 915. The nine-digit zip code is a combination of six letters and four digits.

The majority of people who live in the 956 area code are white, with a small minority of black and Hispanic individuals. The majority of people living in the 78040 area code are white, with a relatively high percentage of young adults and single parents. The number of children under the age of eighteen is very low. The number of nursing homes in this ZIP code is slightly below the national average, but there are no universities in the ZIP code.

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