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Why Do Cats Eat Cobwebs? Feline Pica Symptoms

ByJohn Amelia

Apr 5, 2022
Why Do Cats Eat Cobwebs? Feline Pica Symptoms

If your cat is licking cobwebs in the house, you may want to investigate this behavior. While it is unlikely to hurt your cat, this habit could be indicative of a dietary or protein deficiency. The best thing to do is to change your cat’s diet or seek advice from a veterinarian. If you suspect that your cat is licking cobwebs for fun, try to distract your cat by providing them with toys or other alternatives.

Why Do Cats Eat Cobwebs?

Cats may eat cobwebs because they are non-toxic and tasty, and they also enjoy the texture and taste of spider webs. It is possible that eating cobwebs may be a sign of an eating disorder. Cats may be more sensitive to spiders than other things, so this behavior may signal a problem with your cat’s health. It is best to see a veterinarian as soon as possible if your cat is eating cobwebs on a regular basis.

In addition to cats’ natural curiosity, some people have noticed that their pets will eat cobwebs, wool, and other non-food objects as a way to distract themselves from boredom. These cats, also known as domesticated cats, may be more prone to stress than other cats. They need a lot of stimulation indoors and outdoors. If you can provide your cat with a safe outdoor space, this habit might be the culprit.

Does Spider Webs Harmful To Eat By Cat?

Although eating spider webs is harmless for cats, you should watch for symptoms. If your cat eats spider webs often, this may be a sign of a health issue. A trip to the vet will allow your veterinarian to check your cat from head to toe. If the condition persists, you may want to seek treatment immediately. For this reason, it is best to follow your vet’s advice.


Another reason for your cat to eat spider webs is a nutritional deficiency. Spider webs are rich in protein and carbohydrates and replace the nutrients your cat may be missing. All living things gravitate to the nutrients that keep them alive. That is why we develop cravings for sugar and carbohydrates when we’re hungry or tired. Your cat’s appetite is likely to be affected by a nutrient deficiency.

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