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Why New York Area Code Change To 718 Area Code

ByJohn Amelia

Dec 27, 2021
Why New York Area Code Change To 718 Area Code

New York City’s phone number will be 718. The new code will be used for all calls made within the city. There will be no change to rates or minutes. The new area code will go into effect on Sept. 1 but won’t be mandatory until Jan. 1, 2011.Why New York Area Code Change To 718 Area Code  The new area code will also not affect existing phone numbers. For example, a call from a pay telephone that costs 10 cents now will cost the same as it did before. Similarly, if a caller lives in lower Manhattan and wants to call the Brooklyn office of a company, they will need to dial prefix 1 and the seventeen digits for the area code.

Why New York Area Code Change To 718 Area Code?

The New York Telephone Company proposed the change last year to address the need for a new telephone number. The company was running out of new phone numbers and was running out of space. The new plan would cost $25 million and would require a lot of new equipment, business cards, and automatic dialing systems. Regardless of whether it’s approved or not, the change will affect three million telephone numbers. The three million numbers would be assigned to various cities in New York, including Brooklyn and Staten Island.

Consumer Education Program Of New York:

New York Telephone has promised to begin the largest consumer education program in the country to inform customers of the change. The company said it will begin notifying customers in all parts of the city to prevent any confusion and to make sure everyone uses the right phone number. After all, a cellular phone is still a phone number. If it doesn’t have the right area code, it’s a waste of money. But it will save the phone company a lot of money in the long run.

The change also comes with problems. The city’s telephone system uses Eastern Time, which is five hours behind Greenwich Mean Time. During the winter months, the city adheres to Daylight Savings Time. In the summertime, the area code will use the same time as in winter. It will be in use for three months before it is officially defunct. The new phone number will be switched to UTC/GMT-4.

How Many Phone Numbers Are Covered By The 718 Area Code?

The area code 718 is the largest area code in New York and covers 446,727 phone numbers. The 718 area code is the largest city in the area. It has a population of 2,565,617 people. If you want to know who owns the phone number, Intelius is an excellent choice. The company’s site includes all the information about the owner. You’ll get the name and address, carrier, and age of the phone owner.

When 718 Area Code Put Into Service?

Area code 718 was put into service on September 1, 1984. It was created from area codes 212 and 347. In 1999, it was overlaid with the area codes 718/347. The area code covers Bronx, Kings, Queens, and Richmond. The most populous city in the seventy-eighth-area is Brooklyn. If you want to find the owner of a phone number, you can use Intelius. In the report, you will get the name of the person, carrier, age, and relatives.

Those searching for a new phone number may find this ingenious service helpful. Moreover, the service offers the benefit of allowing you to track down the owner of a phone number in a matter of seconds. You can even check out the owner’s identity by calling the phone number and learning more about it. This service can even help you find out if the owner of a number you are trying to trace is a friend or relative.

Which Cities Assigned By 718 Area Code?

Area code 718 is assigned to the cities of Bronx, Queens, and Staten Island. It was originally assigned to the city in April 1984 and entered into service on September 1st of that year. It overlaps with the 212 and 347917929 area codes. Local phone calls in the same NPA are dialed as a single number. There are several advantages to a seven-digit number in this borough.

Area code 718 is located in the New York City metro area. The New York metropolitan area is home to several countries and many ethnic groups. Its main attraction is its high density. In addition to its cultural diversity, it also hosts the United Nations’ headquarters. It is a very competitive area. There are some areas where the 718 area code is more widespread than others. It can be a good choice for your business.

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