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Will My OLED TV Burn in?

ByJohn Amelia

Jun 28, 2022
Will My OLED TV Burn in?

In addition to the regular warranty, you may be wondering whether or not your new OLED TV will burn-in. There are several ways to avoid burn-in: reducing the risk of pixelation, applying the correct treatments, and using static images. This article will address both of these concerns. In the end, you should be able to tell if your OLED TV is burn-in-prone before purchasing it. Listed below are some common treatments:

Image retention

An OLED television’s image retention can be an issue when a picture is too bright or too dark. This is common for TVs, but there are things you can do to combat the problem. One way to help maintain image clarity is to turn down the brightness of the screen. While viewing an image on an OLED television, you should avoid using the brightness setting when possible. You can try using the dimmer picture mode instead.

While screen burn-in is a temporary problem, image retention on OLED screens can be a concern. This type of problem occurs when some parts of an image remain on the display after the screen has been turned off. If this happens frequently, however, you should use a different display or change your viewing habits. Unless you use your OLED television for a long period of time, you shouldn’t be worried about this.

Screen burn-in

The term “screen burn-in” does not mean that the screen actually burns. Instead, it refers to a discolouration that persists even when the screen is off. A burn-in can be in the form of a ghost image, fading colours, or any other visible patterns. In order for a burn-in to be considered a malfunction, it must be permanent damage to the hardware.

The process of OLED screen burn-in usually occurs when some pixels degrade faster than others. This is often the case with static sections of a screen, such as the HUD in video games. The bright pixels on an OLED display tend to degrade more quickly than the rest of the screen and eventually result in permanent damage. While OLEDs are becoming increasingly popular with televisions and computer monitors, this issue may not be as widespread in smartphones.


Newer OLED TVs are less susceptible to burn-in than their predecessors. However, there are still several effective treatments available to help alleviate symptoms and prevent burn-in entirely. Read on to learn more about these treatments. This article was written by Luke Hopewell, editor of Redaktor, former editor of Gizmodo, founding and executive editor of Business Insider Australia, and Editorial Lead for Twitter Australia.

Reducing the risk of burn-in

OLED televisions are extremely popular, and new models are being introduced this year. Although new models have significantly higher brightness, the fear of burn-in remains. There are a few steps you can take to minimize the risk of burn-in. To reduce the risk of burn-in, start by avoiding direct sunlight. Then, follow these tips to prolong the life of your TV. Once you’ve lowered the risk of burn-in, you’ll be able to enjoy your new OLED television with confidence.

One of the easiest ways to reduce the risk of burn-in in OLED televisions is to change your viewing habits. While watching a single static image for long periods will reduce the risk of burn-in, you should avoid viewing videos or movies with high brightness. This will also ensure that you’re not permanently retaining an image on your TV screen. It’s also best to change the picture mode of your TV, as it’s better to choose a less-vivid option than Vivid.

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