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Wind Waker Korok Locations and How to Use Them

ByJohn Amelia

Mar 18, 2022
Wind Waker Korok Locations and How to Use Them

Usually, Forest Water is used for healing Withered Forest Trees. However, one YouTube player discovered a new use for this powerful resource: killing the boss Kalle Demos. This glitch allows players to instantly kill the monster after exposing its core. The technique is called “the Ballad of Gales” and was found by a dev named Fish_waffle64. The video shows how this strategy works.

How Do You Get The Forest Water In Wind Waker?

The first step in performing the trick is to make sure you have a bottle of Forest Water available to you. The bottle is a large container that holds 900 Korok Seeds, which are a common weapon in Hyrule. These seeds are often found lying around in the environment or randomly cut down trees. These seeds are used to power two-handed weapons. A bottle of water will help you to carry more of these in the future.

What Do You Get For Watering All The Trees In Wind Waker?

During the game, Link can also drink Forest Water to heal Koroks. During the time he spends in the forest, he can use it to heal Withered Forest Trees in the Great Sea. He can also use it to revive the Baba of Kalle Demo. This method is very effective as long as you can survive the challenge. It is important to know that the water from the Forest Tree is poisonous and cannot be absorbed by enemies. The game is a challenge that will test your skills and patience.

What Are The Piece Of Heart And The Triforce Of Power?

  • When Link has completed the quest, he can collect the Piece of Heart and the Triforce of Power.
  • The Triforce of Power can be found in the Great Deku Tree’s Forest and is essential for making the Withered Trees grow.
  • You can get the piece of heart by watering these trees.
  • You can use it to repair other things, such as your armor.
  • You can use Forest Water to repair or create equipment, or simply to create items.

The first time Link reaches the Forbidden Woods, he must defeat the Helmaroc King. He must use the Grappling Hook to avoid the poisonous plant and the deadly Helmaroc King. He must pound the last stake to open the doors. Then, he must fight the giant Helmaroc King to gain the Helmaroc King. But he must first take a brief rest.

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