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WoW Lunar Festival – Celebration and Remembrance For the Heroes of Azeroth

ByJohn Amelia

Mar 6, 2023
WoW Lunar Festival – Celebration and Remembrance For the Heroes of Azeroth

The Lunar Festival is a time of celebration and remembrance for all of the ancestors across Azeroth. It is a time of sharing feasts, wearing festive garments, and firing fireworks. During the event, players can visit Elder Ghosts located all over Azeroth to earn Coin of Ancestry. These can be redeemed for a variety of special holiday-related items.

The Event

The Lunar Festival is a time of celebration for the peoples of Azeroth. It celebrates the victory of many thousands of years ago, when an alliance of good races (night elves, tauren, and furbolgs) defeated a terrible evil known as the Burning Legion.

The event begins with an introductory quest that can be completed in any of the capital cities. After completing this, you will receive a [Lunar Festival Invitation] that lets you teleport to Moonglade and talk to Valadar Starsong.

There are several Coin of Ancestry quests you can complete and earn throughout the event. These are a great way to earn festive garb, profession patterns, and fireworks.

To buy any of these items, you must have enough Coins of Ancestry to pay for them. These can be acquired by respecting and honoring ghostly Elders across Azeroth, or through a variety of other methods.

The Quests

The Lunar Festival is a special time of year for the peoples of Azeroth, a time of celebration and remembrance for their great heroes who battled the Burning Legion thousands of years ago. The Lunar Festival is celebrated with fireworks displays and other festivities, but also a variety of quests to take part in that can earn you some excellent rewards.

To get started, you need to speak with a Lunar Festival Emissary in an Alliance capital city or a Lunar Festival Herald in a Horde capital city. From these NPCs, you will receive the first of many quests that will eventually lead you to Moonglade where Valadar Starsong (or Fariel Starsong if you are Horde) will give you the final quest, Elune’s Blessing.

This quest leads you to buy a [Lunar Festival Fireworks Pack] from the vendor in your capital city and then set off 8 small and 2 cluster fireworks. It will also reward you with a [Lunar Festival Invitation] that will allow you to teleport to Moonglade and speak with Valadar Starsong.

The Elders

Every year, the druids of Moonglade hold a festival to celebrate their victory over an ancient evil. Travelers come to see fireworks displays, feasts, and pay homage to their ancestral spirits. But the celebration is darkened by the stirrings of a demon ancient–Omen, a wolf ancient blessed by Elune who once fought alongside heroes of the War of the Ancients.

The Lunar Festival starts near the beginning of the Chinese New Year and revolves around pyrotechnic prowess and visits to Elders scattered throughout the World of Warcraft. Almost all of the tasks involved in the event are open to players of any level, with the exception of killing Omen (the boss of the event) in Moonglade.

Honoring the elders rewards Coins of Ancestry which can be used to purchase festive garb, profession patterns, and fireworks. Each Elder also offers a Lucky Red Envelope that contains either a Lucky Rocket Cluster or an Elder’s Moonstone, both of which grant the Lunar Fortune buff, +250 health.

The Fireworks

Fireworks are the highlight of the Lunar Festival, which takes place every year starting on a date that typically coincides with the Chinese New Year. This is a time to honor the ancestors of Azeroth, as well as to pay tribute to the heroes who defeated the Burning Legion and other ancient foes.

To celebrate the festivities, players can purchase outfits and other festive garb from Valadar Starsong in Moonglade. She also sells the [Lunar Festival Fireworks Pack], a [Festival Dumpling], and an Elune’s Candle.

Alternatively, players can buy fireworks from a vendor near the Lunar Festival Harbingers in capital cities. These vendors are on Cenarion Circle reputation, and they sell 8 Small Rockets and 2 Rocket Clusters for 4.

After buying these fireworks, players can then complete the quest “Lunar Fireworks” from their city’s harbinger. This reward gives them 150 Cenarion Circle reputation and an invitation to travel to Moonglade. The invitation allows the player to quickly visit Moonglade by standing within Greater Moonlight throughout the holiday.

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